C5: An Alternative Improvement Method to ‘IHI Breakthrough Series’, making use of data science, applied to PAOD

Thursday, 3rd May

The IHI Breakthrough Series is a great improvement method. Elements include: at the start there are clear improvement targets and a list of necessary improvement actions. Data are only used for monitoring. We used a different method characterised by: no clear targets at the beginning; clinical guidelines, experts and data science are used to get clear targets; interventions can include rewriting of guidelines. Applied to PAOD: safer care and yearly savings of € 25 M

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn a different improvement method, for parts of health care with improvement potential, big data, but without clear goals or improvement plan. Also learn the requirements for success.

  • Learn how this method was applied in The Netherlands (reaching clear target, role of data science, dynamics between stakeholders, expected savings, adjustments made to guidelines and reimbursement of physiotherapy).

  • Know the details of method applied to peripheral arterial obstructive disease in the Netherlands, and maybe in two other European countries.

Pieter ten Have, MD, data scientist at Dutch National Health Care Institute; Netherlands
Lotte Hermsen, Epidemiologist, project leader, PhD; Netherlands