X2: Experience Day 2: Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen

Wednesday, 2nd May

Radboud UMC’s mission is to have a significant impact on healthcare. At Radboud University Medical Center, we offer our patients top-clinical and top-referral care and have an important social role in increasing and sharing our knowledge and expertise. We want to take the lead or at least actively contribute to the development of reliable, innovative and affordable healthcare. In this we focus on the health of patients and society in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

  • Our main aim is to have a significant impact on healthcare. This mission is accomplished by:

  • Delivering verifiable high-quality

  • Offering participatory and personalized healthcare

  • Using our resources efficiently

  • Participating in sustainable, professional networks in every area

Your visit to Radboud will start with a welcome from our Executive Board member who will give an overview of the strategy and policy of the organisation. Following this you will have the opportunity to visit a number of departments and hear examples of how they shape patient participation and the exciting initiatives this has supported. Some of the themes that will be covered are: shaping patient participation in policy, projects and developments, care innovation, shared decision making, transmural care and food and personalized healthcare. The visit will close with an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and consider how you can apply it to your own institution.