X5: Experience Day 5: Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam

Wednesday, 2nd May

Erasmus MC is committed to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education. Our deepest conviction is that we can improve healthcare and that we wish to keep healthy people healthy as long as possible. With drive and determination, we are therefore continuously looking for innovation, for the best diagnostic and treatment methods, and the latest findings in the field of health and prevention. Erasmus MC is a leader in innovations for health and healthcare in the Netherlands. Our core values: we are Responsible, Uniting, and Enterprising. These are the basic principles behind Erasmus MC. They are not isolated concepts, but inextricably linked.

Your visit to Erasmus MC will bring you an experience to a brand new and ambitious University Hospital. Attention for quality is essential in our organisation and we strive to get quality in our organisation’s DNA.
Among other things, we achieve this by implementing value based healthcare and introducing new patient safety and patient friendly concepts in our new building. During the site visit to Erasmus MC, we will show you how we work on these topics. In addition to the plenary program, there are several workshops that participants can choose from: value-based healthcare, team collaboration, innovations in our new building (opening may 2018), integrated care and patient safety.

You will gain insight into the ways in which quality work is organised in a leading Dutch hospital and witness inspiring examples of initiatives that can be applied directly in your own quality improvement projects.