D7: Everyday Science in the One-Person Laboratory: A Quantified Self Perspective on Citizen Science

Friday, 4th May

In this session you will hear from two experienced self-trackers on the topic of using self-collected data to work on non-trivial questions about personal health. Both of our speakers have been engaging in self-tracking and self-experimentation spanning years and will share experiences and learnings gained both as individuals and in the Quantified Self community.

After this session you will:

  • Understand the principles of self-tracking and personal data science and how it may be used for personal health and learning

  • Know more about the global Quantified Self community and how healthcare can benefit from the 10 years of documented experiments

  • Know more about where self-tracking is going and what the future of self-tracking may look like

Sara Riggare, PHD Student, Karolinska Institutet and Self Care Expert
Thomas Blomseth Christiansen, Self-Tracker, Technologist and Co-Founder, TOTTI Labs