M7: Multimodal strategies for evidence-based reliable care

Wednesday, 2nd May

The gap between evidence-based best practice of safe care and current care is often immense. Barriers to implementing evidence-based practice are numerous in the highly complex environment of health care. This interactive session will summarize the literature and experience of the faculty on bridging the gap to reliable care and discuss designing multimodal improvement packages and measurement strategies through a case study. Participants will also practice designing and applying the strategies in a case and adapting the method to their own environment of care. The lessons learned will be applicable to reducing harm in a variety of clinical topics.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the concept of multimodal improvement to patient safety initiatives

  • Design a measurement strategy to assess the implementation of an improvement package

  • Advise leadership on implementation science in a high complexity environment.

Anthony Staines, Patient Safety Program Director, Fédération des hôpitaux vaudois; Switzerland, Professeur associé, IFROSS, University of Lyon III; France
Amelia Brooks, Director, Patient Safety and Europe, Institute for Healthcare Improvement