Call for Posters

With Call for Posters we give opportunity to individuals and teams to share their ideas and their work in improving quality of healthcare.

Deadline for submissions: 6 November 2017

Secure a poster display in Amsterdam 2018
(Deadline: 6 November 2017)

Why submit

Our poster displays are hugely popular. They are a valuable opportunity to tell 3,000 colleagues and experts from over 70 countries, who attend the International Forum every year, about your improvement and safety projects and to help others learn from your strategies and experiences. Every year we have hundreds of displays demonstrating a wide range of improvement and safety projects implemented in local, national or global settings.

We encourage you to share your achievements and contribute with your work and ideas to improving healthcare worldwide.

Benefits of displaying a poster

By securing a poster display, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get your abstract included in the International Forum Conference Proceedings – read more below and see our Conference Proceedings from London 2017
  • Present your poster on our NEW Poster Stage – more details to follow
  • Showcase your achievements to key international opinion leaders and colleagues from around the world
  • Demonstrate ideas that work and can be adapted by others
  • Start conversations and collaborations with teams worldwide
  • Communicate your organisation’s work and share successes
  • Build your profile by displaying your work at a prestigious international event
  • Influence outcomes on a global scale

Poster topics

Your poster will be displayed by the topic or theme you select during the abstract submission process. We have seven topics that you can submit to:

  • Safety
  • Quality, Cost, Value
  • Person and Family Centred Care
  • Population and Public Health
  • Building Capability and Leadership
  • Work in Progress – read more below
  • Improvement Science Research – read more below

How to submit

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and completed the Call for Posters template. If you have not done so, click ‘Download abstract template’ button above to download the template. You must submit your application on the template provided. Applications that are not submitted on this template will not be sent for review.
  2. When you are ready to submit, click on the ‘Submit poster abstract’ button above.
  3. Fill out the fields that are required and upload your template when prompted.
  4. Your submission is complete once you have reached the Submission Complete page.

You will receive a confirmation email once your template has been successfully submitted. Once you have submitted your proposal, it will be sent for review and you will be unable to amend your proposal. Please ensure it has been completed in full before you submit.

Only submissions received via the online system are eligible for peer review. Any proposals submitted by email/fax will be deleted and will not be sent for review.

General information

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • Abstracts must not exceed 700 words (1000 word limit including template headings)
  • All information (including tables) must be included in a single document
  • Do not include any symbols when you name your document as you may have problems uploading it (please use letters and numbers only)
  • Only submit if you have your results available at the time of submission

We encourage you to take time to read our Poster FAQs.

Notifying you

All notifications will be sent out in December 2017. Please note the email address that you supply in the Submitter Details page will be the email address used to correspond the results of your submission. If you change email addresses during this time, please let us know so we can update the system.

The Conference Proceedings

You will have the opportunity to opt in to have your abstract included in the International Forum Conference Proceedings.

The Conference Proceedings is a collection of the abstracts which will be displayed as posters in Amsterdam 2018. In order to feature in the Conference Proceedings, all authors with accepted abstracts must agree to the inclusion of their abstract in the Conference Proceedings and must register to display their poster during the conference.

Distribution of the Conference Proceedings:

  • Email PDF to all attendees of the International Forum
  • Publish PDF on the International Forum website and communicate via social media
  • Include PDF in marketing emails and other marketing communications as required to promote future Forums.

Explore the Conference Proceedings from the International Forum in London 2017.

The Improvement Science and Research poster topic

If your abstract presents the application of scientific methods for healthcare improvement, please submit it to the Improvement Science and Research poster topic.

Abstracts submitted to this topic would be focused on results of studies that apply innovation, testing, or implementation to improve health or healthcare at a local, regional, or national scale. We are interested in hearing about studies or reports that use evaluation designs appropriate for quality improvement – including analytic, time-series, statistical process control, qualitative, and mixed-method studies.

The Work in Progress poster topic

Our Work in Progress poster topic has been receiving a high level of interest at recent International Forums.

If you have any improvement work in progress, you can now showcase the preliminary results of your project at the International Forum by submitting to the topic Work in Progress. In this poster theme, you can present your initial assessment of the problem, the methodology and design of the project and the current stage the work is at. You can present your anticipated outcomes, your preliminary findings, and the challenges or obstacles you have encountered to date.

In this poster theme, you can present your initial assessment of the problem, the methodology and design of the project and the current stage the work is at. You can present your anticipated outcomes, your preliminary findings, and the challenges or obstacles you have encountered to date.

Your submission will still be peer reviewed, but acknowledged for the stage of completion you are currently at. During the International Forum, same as with all other poster topics, you will have the opportunity to present your improvement project in progress – this is a good opportunity to seek guidance, and inspiration from your peers.

Did you display a poster in Kuala Lumpur 2017?

If you displayed a poster at our International Forum in Kuala Lumpur in August 2017, your work can also be displayed at the International Forum in Amsterdam in May 2018.

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