Call for Speakers – Improvement Science and Research Symposium

Deadline to submit speaker proposals: 15 January 2018

Call for Speakers has now closed

About the International Improvement Science and Research Symposium

The International Improvement Science and Research Symposium, part of the now three-day International Forum programme, provides a unique platform for researchers and healthcare stakeholders to unite in the advancement of improvement science in healthcare. The full-day meeting offers an opportunity to link researchers with decision makers, and others engaged with quality improvement initiatives.
The Improvement Science Symposium has been running for eight years now and it will next take place on 2 May 2018. Its aims are to:

  • Contribute to advancements in improving health and healthcare
  • Bring researchers from diverse backgrounds together to share learning with each other and with improvement practitioners and patients
  • Provide an international platform to showcase cutting edge improvement science research
  • Debate and advance the thinking on issues of key importance to the improvement science community
    Support improvement science researchers at all stages of their career


Improvement science and research is an emerging field that draws on a range of academic, theoretical and methodological perspectives to advance the understanding and practice of improvement in healthcare.

We hope that the event will inspire and galvanise researchers and practitioners with a renewed sense of community and direction around which to focus their endeavours.

Why speak at the International Improvement Science and Research Symposium?

The International Improvement Science and Research Symposium provides a unique platform to discuss leading research and the key issues in improvement science.

  • Showcase your achievements in improvement science to research teams from around the world
  • Enhance the visibility of your research
  • Build your profile in improvement science by speaking to over 100 colleagues from around the world
  • Make valuable connections among the research community as well as with improvement practitioners and patients

Should you submit a speaker proposal?

All speaker proposals will be peer reviewed and only a limited number of the highest scoring improvement science abstracts will be approved for oral presentation at the Improvement Science Symposium. The peer reviewers are looking for research with high external validity that represents a significant contribution to the global scientific community in the area of healthcare improvement.

At recent International Forums we had up to ten presentations sourced from peer-reviewed submissions.

Please submit a proposal to speak only if you are interested in a speaking opportunity and have the availability to attend the Improvement Science Symposium on 2 May 2018.

What should your proposal discuss?

Your proposal should demonstrate the application of scientific methods for healthcare improvement. You should be able to discuss the results of studies that apply innovation, testing, or implementation to improve health or healthcare at a local, regional, or national scale. We are interested in hearing about studies or reports that use evaluation designs appropriate for quality improvement – including analytic, time-series, statistical process control, qualitative, and mixed-method studies.

How to submit your proposal

  • Make sure you have downloaded and completed the above Improvement Science and Research speaker template. If you have not done so, click ‘Download speaker template’ on top of the page to download the template. You must submit your application on the template provided. Applications that are not submitted on this template will not be sent for review
  • If you are ready to submit, click on ‘Submit speaker proposal’ on top of the page
  • Select ‘Call for Speakers – Improvement Science and Research Symposium’ as your submission topic
  • Fill out the fields required and upload your template when prompted
  • Your submission is complete once you have reached the Submission Complete page


You will receive a confirmation email once your template has been successfully submitted. Once you have submitted your proposal, it will be sent for review and you will be unable to amend your proposal. Please ensure it has been completed in full before you submit.

Only submissions received via the online system are eligible for peer review. Any proposals submitted by email/ fax will be deleted and will not be sent for review.

General information

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • Abstracts must not exceed 1500 words (not including template headings)
  • All information (including tables) must be included in a single document
  • Do not include any symbols when you name your document as you may have problems uploading it (please use letters and numbers only)
  • Only submit if you have your results available at the time of submission.


You will be notified of the outcome by email by the end of January 2018. Please note the email address that you supply in the Submitter Details page will be the email address used to correspond the results of your proposal. If you change email addresses during this time, please let us know so we can update the system.