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Types of registration

Our individual and group rates are applicable to all delegates, with special discounts available for:

– Students in full-time education

– Residents of Lower Middle income Countries (LMCs) and Low Income Countries (LICs)

See all rates below.


Registration and payment

All bookings should be made online.

All prices are in US dollars (US$) and are GST exempt.

Early Bird registration closed on 20 June 2017.

Please note that payment for the individual registrations must be made by credit/debit card or by cheque. If you wish to pay by cheque, please fill in our Registration Form and send it to us with your cheque.

We can only issue an invoice for groups of 5 or more delegates.



Our standard individual and group delegate fees

Individual delegate fees

   Days at Forum    Early Bird Individual Rates (until 20 June 2017)    Standard Individual Rates
   2 Days (Fri – Sat)    US$895    US$1,050
   3 Days (Thurs – Sat)    US$1,425    US$1,580


Group delegate fees

  Group Size   Days at Forum    Early Bird Group Rates (until 20 June 2017) (per delegate)    Standard Group Rates (per delegate)
  5-20 delegates (10% discount)   2 Days (Fri – Sat)    US$805.50   US$945
  3 Days (Thurs – Sat)    US$1,335.50   US$1,475
  21+ delegates (15% discount)   2 Days (Fri – Sat)    US$760.75   US$892.50
  3 Days (Thurs – Sat)    US$1,290.75   US$1,422.50


Student discounts

There are a limited number of discounted registration places for full-time students and these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

The discount will apply to the International Forum registration fee only. We are unable to help with travel, accommodation or other associated expenses.

To apply for the discounted student rate, please send one of the following to Lisa Eastman at

  1. A copy of your student card which clearly displays the date of validity in numerical form
  2. An official letter issued by the Dean of your university which confirms you will be in full-time education at the time of the conference (24-26 August)

If your application is successful you will be provided with further instructions how to register with our student rates.

There are no group rates for students.


  Days at Forum   Standard Individual Rates
  1 Day (Thurs only)   $100
  2 Days (Fri – Sat)   $200
  3 Days (Fri – Sat)   $300


Special rates for Lower Middle Income and Low Income Countries

We do have a limited number of places for delegates who are residents of and working in low income countries (e.g. India, Pakistan, Vietnam and others) and lower middle income countries (e.g. China, Indonesia,Thailand and others) to attend the International Forum for the two or three event days at a reduced registration rate.

Please check your Country Classification to see if you are eligible.

Please note that these discounts are applicable to our standard individual registration fees only and are not applicable for travel, accommodation or other costs associated with attending the International Forum.

When booking with these special rates, please enter your full address on the booking details page as this will be used to verify your registration.You may be contacted to provide a proof of residency.

When registering, please select to register as a delegate. The discounted rate will be automatically applied when you choose a country recognised from the World Bank as a LMC or LIC when filling in your personal details.


Book early to get your accommodation and travel covered

Supported by:

 MyCeb healthcare asia event

MyCEB, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, have funding available for travel and accommodation for a limited number of delegates (50) from Lower Middle income Countries (LMCs) and Low Income Countries (LICs) attending the International Forum in Kuala Lumpur. Check your eligibility here.

The funding
You will be able to reclaim US$500 towards your travel and accommodation once on site at the event. After checking in at the Registration desk at the International Forum, you will be referred to a MSQH desk to sign off on the subsidy. You are not required to bring receipts for travel and accommodation but you will need to present yourself personally at the MSQH desk to be able to claim this funding.

How do I get the funding?
Before you book to attend, please email Lisa Eastman at to request the funding for your attendance. We will let you know if the funding is still available (this is limited to 50 delegate places) and will also send you instructions on how to register online.

Please note that you are required to request the funding before you book to attend the International Forum.

This subsidy cannot be used in conjunction with the Student Discount.


Fees for delegates from Lower Middle income Countries (LMCs)

  Days at Forum   Standard Individual Rates
  2 Days (Fri – Sat)   US$645
  3 Days (Thurs – Sat)   US$1,175



Fees for delegates from Low Income Countries (LICs)

  Days at Forum   Standard Individual Rates
  2 Days (Fri – Sat)   US$350
  3 Days (Thurs – Sat)    US$880


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Terms and Conditions

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