Posters FAQ

Find the answer to some frequently asked questions about our posters.
  • Do I have to pay to display my poster?

    In order to present your poster at the International Forum you must register and pay the full fee for the two main event days (Thursday 27 – Friday 28 April 2017). This applies to all poster presenters,  including students and those from low income countries. Please note there are no one day registration options for poster presenters. See the fees for attending London 2017 on our Fees and Registration page.

    The absolute final deadline for all poster presenters to register and pay to attend the International Forum is 24 February 2017. If you do not register and pay by this date we will regretfully assume your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish to present your work. This means that no board/space will be allocated for your poster at the venue.

  • What should I do if I am unable to present my poster myself?

    If you cannot present your poster and are sending a colleague you must inform us by email to to ensure that we have a space for your poster display. Please include the full abstract title and the name, email address and organisation for your replacement presenter. Please note that your replacement presenter cannot be already presenting a poster of their own. We have a strict policy of one poster display per presenter.

  • Can my abstract for poster display be written on any topic?

    We have 7 topics that you could submit to. You will be asked to choose which topic you are submitting your abstract to during the abstract submission process. Please make sure that your abstract matches the topic you are submitting to.

    Check the list of topics that you can submit to here .

  • What size/orientation should my poster be? Are there any guidelines I should follow?

    Please see our poster guidelines, which include our requirements on poster size and design.

  • What does a poster board look like?



  • When will my poster be viewed?

    All posters will be displayed on the two main event days, Thursday 27 – Friday 28 April 2017. Main poster viewing times will be at registration, lunch and break times. We recommend whenever possible you are with your poster at these times to answer any questions from attendees and increase awareness of your work. In addition, there will be a number of chaired and themed posters sessions (see further information below).

  • Specialty Poster Focus Groups

    These themed sessions take place at least two times a day on all two main event days, Thursday 27 – Friday 28 April 2017. Your poster is displayed by the theme you selected during the abstract submission process. The format of these sessions is an interactive discussion group with an expert facilitator who will choose a selection of posters to showcase. We recommend whenever possible you attend the session that includes your theme to answer any questions from attendees and increase awareness of your work. The schedule for these sessions will be made available in late 2016.

  • When can I set up my poster display?

    You can set up your poster from 0730 on Thursday, 27 April.

  • Where will my poster/abstract be published?

    You will have the opportunity to opt in to publish your abstract in the Forum Conference Proceedings.

    The Conference Proceedings will be a collection of the abstracts which will be displayed as posters in London 2017. In order to feature in the Conference Proceedings, all authors with accepted abstracts must agree to the inclusion of their abstract in the Conference Proceedings and must register to display their poster during the conference.

    Distribution of the Conference Proceedings:

    • Email PDF to all attendees of the International Forum.
    • Publish PDF on the International Forum website and communicate via social media once the conference is finished.
    • Include PDF in marketing emails and other marketing communications as required to promote future Forums.

  • How do I amend my poster or add co-author names?

    You cannot amend your original submission. However, you can make any changes to the final poster that you bring to the venue.

  • How do I book my accommodation?

    More information about booking your accommodation through a recommended accommodation agency can be found on our Accommodation page.

    We urge you not to make non-refundable travel arrangements as BMJ cannot be held responsible for non-refundable travel tickets. We suggest you make your refundable travel booking only after you have received confirmation of your registration from us.

    Bookings, cancellations or amendments to hotel arrangements should be made by directly contacting the hotel/accommodation booking agency. We are not involved with and do not accept any responsibility for such matters.

  • How do I get a letter of invitation to support my visa application?

    We are only able to provide invitation letters to individuals who have registered and paid to attend the International Forum. If for any reason your visa application was unsuccessful we will be able to refund your registration fee in line with our terms and conditions and upon receipt of proof of unsuccessful application. If a letter of invitation is required to support your visa please contact us at once you have registered.

  • What do I do with my poster after the International Forum?

    Posters must be removed from the venue by 4pm on Friday 28 April 2017. Any posters remaining will be removed by the venue and disposed of.

  • Will I have somewhere to store any poster tubes/cylinders/cases?

    Unfortunately we have no space to store any items. Any poster tubes/ cases left in the venue will be disposed of. If you would like to re-use your case/ tube to carry your poster from the venue at the end of the event on Friday, we advise you to store this in your hotel or the venue cloakroom (you may have to pay a small fee, set by the venue).