B6: Optimizing Patient Flow by Reducing Variability and Aligning Capacity with Demand

Thursday, 3rd May

Experiencing delays is about more than inconvenience, it has the power to change outcomes for the sickest patients. In this session one speaker will present about the approach Scotland has taken to improve the timeliness and quality of patient care. Another will present about the impact achieved by reducing artificial variability in healthcare operations.

After this session you will:

  • Understand how a systematic approach puts the patient and their family at the centre of the plan of care

  • Know how to identify and reduce artificial variability in your operations

  • Understand how to reduce delays and improve access

Sandeep Green Vaswani, Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Optimization

Andrea Jamieson, National Improvement Advisor, The 6 Essential Actions for Improving Unscheduled Care National Programme, The Scottish Government