C2: Breaking the Rules for Better Care

Thursday, 3rd May

If you could break or change one rule in service of better care for patients or staff, what would it be? For one week, health care leaders across the United States, Canada, and Europe asked their patients and staff this simple question. The responses were illuminating and galvanizing. Join us to explore how this effort led health care leaders to discover hundreds of rules, policies, and habits that were developed with the best of intentions but do little to improve the care experience and the actions taken to address them.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to implement a “Breaking the Rules for Better Care” week in your organization

  • Discover effective strategies for determining which rules need to be broken within your own organization

  • Develop mechanisms for prioritizing and taking action on unnecessary rules

Saranya Loehrer, Head of North America Region, IHI; USA
Amelia Brooks, Director, Patient Safety and Europe, IHI; USA