C6: How can sustainable, resilient and scalable improvements in patient care be created?

Thursday, 3rd May

‘Appreciative Inquiry’ is an innovative ‘approach’ of taking an inquiring attitude in a situation focuses on what the organisation does well. A strengths-based approach that allows for better understanding & enhancing ‘what works’.

In this session; the Clinical Care Improvement Training Program (CCITP), will share its experience in transforming patient care: using an Appreciative Action Research approach.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn from what went well, rather than what did not happen to generate change from within

  • Develop a culture of inquiry of reflective professional practice and use own knowledge and skills to systematically develop better practice

  • Empower front liners to be an ongoing problem solver and experimenter in their work

Khawla Ahmad Athamneh, Head of Education, Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute, Hamad Medical Corporation; Qatar