K1: Keynote 1: How to move from fixed to growth mindset

Thursday, 3rd May

In this exciting opening keynote, you will hear different perspectives on mindset. A junior and senior doctor will reflect on their shared experience of giving and receiving feedback after a breakdown in communication on a busy night shift. A patient will share her story of receiving a misdiagnosis and how this led to a meeting with her radiologist that transformed both of their outlooks. Referencing the pioneering work of Carol Dweck, Ann Batenburg will reflect on both of these events and show how this shift from a fixed into a growth mindset is an essential part of developing quality improvement within an organisation. After the session the audience will be invited to consider their own mindset, what changes they could make and the impact this could have on improving outcomes for their patients.

Ann Batenburg Clinical Associate Professor, Southern Methodist University, US
Anne P.J. De Pagter, Fellow Pediatric Hematology, Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Ian Leistikow, MD PhD, Senior Inspector, Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate; Professor at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam; The Netherlands
Manvir Jesuduran Chairman, Patients for Patient Safety, Malaysia & Patient Advocate
Wim Helbing, Visiting Professor and Division Chief, Pediatric Cardiology, Erasmus MC