X4: Experience Day 4: Vilans, Centre of Excellence in Long Term and Social Care, Utrecht

Wednesday, 2nd May

Continuing improvement in long-term care for older people

Vilans is the national Centre of Expertise for Long-term Care in the Netherlands. Vilans engages in innovation, research and development, dissemination, and implementation of good practices and is well-known in the Netherlands for running large scale and nationwide implementation program. Notable examples are the National Dementia Program (an initiative which set up 90% of the regional integrated care networks in the Netherlands, the Care for Better Program (a quality improvement programme in which 700 organisations participated) and In to care! (a programme that tranformed 460 long-term care organisations into sustainable organisations). Vilans is mainly funded by the Dutch government.

Vilans is offering participants an exceptional Experience Day on long term care for older people in the Netherlands. You will gain insight into large scale system improvements that make a difference for patients, clients and staff in both healthcare and social services, and hear about national programmes that demonstrate how to work collectively to improve quality of life of older people.

During the experience day you will learn:

  • How work in the Netherlands seeks to define the range of options and identify successful policy practices in Long Term Care for older people

  • How the organization of large scale national programmes and interventions for quality improvement can be delivered

  • How to address challenges and meet needs of the residents, clients and health care professionals engaged in care for older people