Inge Ulriksen

North Zealand Hospital; Denmark

Inge Ulriksen RN, IA and e-Coach from Dartmouth. Currently working at Department of Quality and Development at North Zealand Hospital in Capitol region of Denmark.

Inge had a central role at the hospital during a national Patient Safety program, from 2010 to the end of 2013, implementing bundles of care.  During this project, using the Model for Improvement in clinical praxis and in leadership at all levels became crucial at the hospital. The profound meaning of microsystem and the relationship between micro – meso – and macro system has influenced improvement work at the hospital.  Inge had a central role in the collaboration between the five hospitals in the Danish programs, including planning yearly Learning Seminars.

Inge takes part in building Capacity and Capability at the hospital and in the Capitol Region of Denmark.

Inge has currently a central role at the hospital in results in preventing Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers.