ePosters FAQ

Find the answer to some frequently asked questions about our ePosters.

  • Can my abstract for ePoster display be written on any topic?

    We have seven topics that you could submit to. You will be asked to choose which topic you are submitting your abstract to during the submission process. Please make sure that your abstract matches the topic you are submitting to. A list of topics can be found on this page.

  • Do I have to pay to display my ePoster?

    Yes. In order to present your ePoster in person at the International Forum, you must register and pay the full fee for the two main event days (Tuesday 16 – Wednesday 17 May 2023). Please note there are no one-day registration options for ePoster presenters.

    The deadline for all ePoster presenters to register and pay to attend the International Forum is Wednesday, 29 March 2023. If you do not register and pay by this date we will regretfully assume your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish to present your work.

  • When will my ePoster be viewed?

    ePoster presenters who have registered for the in-person conference will have their ePoster displayed on our electronic screens across the two main event days (Tuesday 16 – Wednesday 17 May 2023). Your ePoster will be searchable on all electronic screens. Your ePoster will also be available online on our ePoster platform before, during and after the International Forum.

  • How will my ePoster be displayed on-site?

    We will have a number of large screens where attendees will be able to access the ePoster platform. We will also share a link to the platform so that attendees can look at ePosters on their mobile device, tablet or desktop computer at their convenience.  Here is a photo of one of our ePoster screens at a previous International Forum.

    poster displays International Fourm on Quality and Safety in healthcare

    ePoster displays at International Forum Sydney 2022

  • Will I have the opportunity to present my ePoster?

    You will have the opportunity to present your ePoster to your peers in person on our ePoster Stage. The ePoster Stage is a platform for discussing your work with delegates during a 5 minute allocated slot. If you would like to present on the ePoster Stage, you will have the opportunity to sign-up* before the event. Further information, including how to present, will be sent to all registered ePoster presenters in due course.

  • What should I do if I am unable to present my ePoster myself in person?

    If you cannot present your ePoster and are sending a colleague to Copenhagen to present it instead of you, you must inform us by email at This will ensure that we have a space for the ePoster display. Please include the full abstract title and the name, email address and organisation for your replacement presenter. Please note that your replacement presenter cannot be already presenting an ePoster of their own. We have a strict policy of one ePoster display per presenter.

  • What size/orientation should my ePoster be? Are there any guidelines I should follow?

    Our poster guidelines will be published after Call for ePosters ends and will be shared with all registered ePoster presenters.

  • How do I amend my ePoster or add co-author names?

    You can make final changes to your ePoster submission before the submission deadline. If you need to make a change after this, please contact us

  • Can I display the International Forum logo on my ePoster?

    The International Forum does not allow the use of BMJ, IHI, or any International Forum affiliated logos, to be displayed on ePosters at the International Forum.

  • How do I get a letter of invitation to support my visa application?

    If a letter of invitation is required to support your visa please contact us at once you have registered. We are only able to provide invitation letters to individuals who have registered and paid to attend the International Forum. If for any reason your visa application was unsuccessful, we will be able to refund your registration fee in line with our terms and conditions and upon receipt of proof of unsuccessful application.

  • Can I get an ePoster Presenter Certificate of Attendance?

    All ePoster presenters will receive a certificate. It will be sent to you via email two weeks after the International Forum.