A1: Leadership Models for Co-producing a Joyful Workforce

Thursday 28 March

Healthcare leaders know that for their organisations to successfully adapt to the rapidly changing payment and service landscape, they need a motivated, engaged, and productive workforce — a workforce that finds joy in work. Fostering joy in work is about creating systems that promote staff engagement, satisfaction, and resilience. This should be a shared responsibility of caregivers, leaders, and organisations. To that end, IHI faculty will be sharing tested models for co-producing joy with staff through the IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work and examples of leadership models and improvement methodologies known to nurture joy in work.

After this session, participants will be able to:

1. Describe key leadership behaviors that raise staff engagement and restore joy
2.Identify the key changes in the system for joy in work
3.Take away at least one distributed leadership model you can use to co-create joy in your workplace

Stephen Swensen, Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Professor Emeritus, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine; USA
Amar Shah, Consultant forensic psychiatrist & Chief Quality Officer, East London NHS Foundation Trust; England
Jessica Perlo, Director, Joy in Work, IHI; USA
Derek Feeley, CEO, President, IHI; USA