EN4: Activating Local Leadership Potential to Improve Infection Control in Myanmar

Thursday 28 March

This GP and Paediatrician husband-and-wife team spent 6 months in a forgotten corner of Myanmar working in partnership with local staff to improve hospital infection control from the bottom up. We explore how activating leadership potential within the local consultants, nursing staff and cleaners was pivotal to sustainable capacity building and reflect on how weekly run-chart performance feedback optimized buy-in and engendered a cross-cultural and unified approach to QI in this low resource setting.

After this session, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the barriers to undertaking improvement work in an unfamiliar and low-resource setting and list steps to overcome these
2. Appreciate the importance of building relationships and forming alliances to provide a platform for improvement
3. Understand how target-setting and run-chart performance feedback can drive behavioural change and build capability and reflect on how these tools could be applied to your own clinical setting.

Will Duffin, General Practitioner, Wellspring Surgery, Bristol; England