M4: Transitioning from Quality Improvement to Quality Management: A system to to continuously Reduce Healthcare System Costs

Wednesday 27 March

Want to move from quality improvement to quality management? Does your approach to quality planning, quality improvement and quality control feel out-of-balance?

This session will outline what a quality management system can look like at scale. It will outline NHS Scotland’s framework for quality management and discuss in depth regional deployment of the system in one of NHS Scotland’s boards. This will include discussion of an 18-month pilot program that resulted in significantly reduced costs, improved productivity, and improved quality, as published recently in Harvard Business Review. The work includes innovative approaches to visual management and standard work, forming the foundations of a system to drive continuous improvement across all teams at the front line. Participants will consider how they can apply the lessons from NHS Scotland’s pilot work to their own clinical management approaches.

Ruth Glassborrow, Director of Improvement, Healthcare Improvement Scotland; Scotland
Joanne Matthews, Head of Improvement and Safety, Improvement Hub (ihub), Healthcare Improvement Scotland; Scotland

Kay Cordiner, Value Management Lead, NHS Highland; Scotland
Jeff Rakover, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; USA