D5: Organisation wide Quality Improvement – two international perspectives

Friday 29 March
11:00 – 12:15

Part A: To care, cure and communicate with heart, mind and soul from Board to Frontline staff

This session will describe our continuous quality improvement journey as a large non-university teaching hospital. We’ll consider the examples of “Integrated lung cancer care, no barriers between departments, hospitals and home”, how clinical care is delivered on our combined thoracic surgery/thoracic oncology ward and continues at home with our specialist community nurses. This enables us to give better information at a better time, making better treatment decisions with our patients, while learning from each other, working side by side.

After this session, participants will be able to:

1. Appreciate the need for senior leadership to implement and sustain quality improvement initiatives
2. Appreciate the need to co-create and evaluate with patients, their loved ones and all members of staff to create an integrated care experience
3. Appreciate the importance of organising a care pathway that extends across the borders of departments and reaches beyond the walls of the hospital

Peter Van der Meer, CEO, Albert Schweitzer hospital, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Part B: Organisational capability for Improvement – the foundations for Performance Excellence

Building organisational capability for improvement takes time, resources, intention and commitment. Eastern Health has been working towards organisational capability to improve as a foundation to achieving Performance Excellence for 10 years.

We have used the Organisational Strategy for Improvement Matrix (OSIM) over the past 6 years to quantitatively measure and build an organisational capability for improvement strategy over time.

This session will describe why and how quantitative measures of improvement capability have enabled organisational Performance Excellence.

Jane Evans, Director, Quality, Planning and Innovation, Eastern Health; Australia