E5: Restoring Joy in Work and Preventing Burnout: A Framework for Joy

Saturday, 26th August

New and innovative approaches are urgently needed to help care givers tackle the challenge of restoring and maintaining joy in their work and the work of their staff. When internal and external pressures continually mount, it can become increasingly difficult for team members to focus on the positive aspects of their jobs. The IHI Joy in Work Framework provides proven methods to foster a positive work environment that creates equity, camaraderie, meaning, and choice and ensures the commitment deliver high-quality care, even in stressful times. In this session you’ll learn from IHI CEO, Derek Feeley and Lee Chien Earn, CEO Changi General Hospital, principles, techniques and experiences that enable the workforce to truly thrive, not just persevere. Most of all, we hope you’ll have fun with your colleagues around the globe who want to remain connected to what brought us all into health care to begin with.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe key leadership behaviors that raise staff engagement and restore joy

  • Identify the key changes in the system for joy in work to assure staff feel meaning, choice, camaraderie, and equity at your institution

  • Learn from the experiences at Changi General Hospital to incorporate Joy in Work into the design process at a systems level

Jessica Perlo, Network Director, IHI Open School; USA
Derek Feeley, President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; USA
Chien Earn Lee, Co-Chair of the Programme Advisory Committee & Chief Executive Officer, Changi General Hospital, Singapore