M3: Better Quality Through Better Measurement

Thursday, 24th August

Essential to all successful quality improvement efforts is decision making that is based on data that have been collected and analyzed in a systematic and thoughtful manner.  This session will provide a framework and practical guidance for avoiding roadblocks during your quality measurement journey (QMJ).  Selecting a balanced set of measures; developing clear operational definitions; building a practical data collection plan and understanding the variation that lives in the data provide the major milestones in the QMJ.  Special attention will be given to analyzing data patterns with run and control charts.  Building knowledge on how to link measurement to improvement strategies will provide the final milestone in the quality measurement journey.  Throughout the day, case studies and exercises will be used to demonstrate the application of measurement principles to healthcare topics.


  • Describe the milestones in the quality measurement journey

  • Distinguish between measurement for research, judgment, and improvement.

  • Identify and build useful measures (operational definitions, sampling, and stratification).

  • Understand variation conceptually and statistically

  • Using and interpreting run and control charts

  • Link measurement efforts to improvement strategies.

Robert C. Lloyd, Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement