A7: “QI is a journey not a destination” – How Leaders Navigate the Way

A personal leadership perspectives on a QI journey that started 5 years ago. There was no map for the journey but leadership acts as the navigator on a voyage of QI discovery that has seen the South Eastern Trust recognized as a QI Leader by organisations such as IHI and the Health Foundation. This session will share the experience of this journey.
5 years on results include:

  • 500+ people training in QI methodologies

  • 150+ QI projects which have saved lives; improved lives; changed lives

  • Very high level of staff satisfaction and morale

  • A vibrant QI culture

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how leaders can shape an organisation’s QI journey and increase the chances of success

  • Know how to engage staff and create a QI culture

Hugh McCaughey, Chief Executive, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland
Jocelyn Harpur, Clinical Specialist, Speech and Language Therapist, Adult Services South Eastern HSC Trust, Northern Ireland
Andrew Patterson, Phlebotomist, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust; Northern Ireland