R10: eHealth and appropriate care

The Dutch Health Care Institute strives to achieve appropriate care for all inhabitants of The Netherlands. In collaboration with healthcare professionals, patients and insurers we analyze the use of our basic health care insurance package. With concepts and techniques from industrial quality improvement we seek to identify ‘waste’ (over/undertreatment, ineffective, needless care etc.) in healthcare, propose improvements and implement them in order to achieve a better quality of care, a better patient journey and a reduction of unnecessary costs. In this contribution we will report on our studies into the contribution of eHealth (information and communication technology) to appropriate care.
After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the quality improvement approach to ‘appropriate care’, its first outcomes and challenges

  • Assess the contribution of the use of (consumer and professional) information and communication technology to appropriate care and waste reduction

Hans Ossebaard, eHealth Advisor, the Dutch Health Care Institute; The Netherlands