R11: Patient involvement is everyone’s responsibility – but how? The Q initiative as an example at scale

Co-produced and presented with patient leaders, this session will explore what capabilities are needed to keep patients and carers at the centre of improvement.

We will share perspectives of patient leaders involved in the UK-wide Q initiative, as an example of patients being equal contributors to improvement alongside clinicians, managers, researchers, policymakers and others. Combining theory and practice of patient and public involvement, we’ll discuss our learning in relation to the 4Pi model of involvement.

Delegates will be asked to reflect on their experiences of patient involvement; and consider how they can more effectively involve patients in their improvement work.

After this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Have a greater understanding the importance of effective, efficient and genuine patient involvement

  • Reflect on the ways to engage patients in their own improvement work

Dominique Allwood, Senior Improvement Fellow, The Heath Foundation; England
Sibylle Erdmann, Patient and carer representative & Chair of the London Neonatal Parent Advisory Board; England