About the International Forum

Building on years of success of the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, a new edition of the International Forum was launched in 2015 in the Asia Pacific region.

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Celebrating its 25th year in 2020, the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is now a triannual gathering of healthcare professionals in quality improvement and patient safety, with a fourth conference in Asia planned for 2021. The International Forum supports and energises the movement for healthcare improvement and connects healthcare leaders and practitioners worldwide to improve outcomes for patients and communities.

The International Forum in the Asia Pacific Region

The International Forum in the Asia Pacific region showcases internationally recognised keynotes and addresses regional needs, bringing the best of international learning to the region.

The conference programme is developed in close partnership with regional strategic partners, ensuring regional needs are addressed. The event aims to bring together healthcare professionals who share a concern and a passion for improving quality and safety in healthcare, to provide the opportunity for healthcare professionals to publish their work as a poster or to be a speaker, to share and learn best practices, meet peers and build international connections.

Over three inspirational days, the International Forum aims to deliver a festival of ideas, to facilitate connections and to celebrate achievements in the region and beyond.  

The Organisers

The International Forum is jointly organised by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and BMJ. The ambition of both organisations is to improve healthcare and outcomes for patients and communities. The International Forum is sustained by an international network of quality improvement organisations and leaders.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is a leading innovator in health and health care improvement worldwide. An independent not-for-profit organization, IHI partners with visionaries, leaders, and front-line practitioners around the globe to spark bold, inventive ways to improve the health of individuals and populations. Recognized as an innovator, convener, trustworthy partner, and driver of results, IHI is the first place to turn for expertise, help, and encouragement for anyone, anywhere who wants to change health and health care profoundly for the better.

BMJ is a healthcare knowledge provider which has rapidly expanded beyond the UK and into Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. By sharing information, analytical tools and technology, BMJ helps healthcare professionals and organisations improve the care they provide and assist medical professionals with their ongoing development. BMJ’s purpose is to advance healthcare worldwide by sharing knowledge and expertise to improve experiences, outcomes and value.

The forthcoming International Forums

2-6 November 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark, now a virtual conference 

Dates to be confirmed, New Delhi, India 

21-23 April 2021, London, UK 

7-9 June 2021, Sydney, Australia

27-29 September 2021, Hong Kong (website will be available in October 2020)