C1: From diagnose and treatment to predict and prevent – how co-design work helps to transform a system

Thursday 19th September 2019

A movement is needed so that our healthcare delivery system contains primary care as the core of coordination. This session highlights how innovative designs of new delivery processes and patient compact strengthen transformation. We will explore how Health and Care needs are met in new ways. The building blocks of transformation discussed will show how we walk away from a dominant focus on ‘diagnose and treat’ – to ‘predict and prevent’.

After this session, participants will be able to understand how we strengthen individuals to lead their own process both within the care system and improving a healthier lifestyle themselves. You will:

  • Develop new tools for work processes of transformative care

  • Initiate patient compact work and digital relations

  • Develop your own key stone breakers for transformative care

Göran Henriks, Chief Executive of learning and innovation; Sweden
Anette Nilsson, Improvement strategist; Sweden