EN6: Protecting patients from harm: The science of safe communication in healthcare

Thursday, 3rd May

The process of interpersonal communication is central to every aspect of health care. When clinicians communicate well with colleagues and patients, health outcomes are substantially enhanced. When communication is performed poorly, health outcomes and patients themselves are put at significant risk. Based on her research, Professor Hannawa will present a groundbreaking conceptualization of “safe communication” and demonstrate the role of five core interpersonal skills in the causation of unsafe care.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand common pitfalls of interpersonal communication in healthcare

  • Understand the core processes of successful interpersonal communication

  • Understand the five core skills that constitute “safe communication” as a vehicle to safer, higher quality care

Annegret F. Hannawa, Associate Professor of Health Communication, University of Lugano; Switzerland