Poster Licence

The Poster Licence

The terms of this license are accepted by the author submitting the poster (Corresponding Author) on behalf of all authors of the poster. All authors collectively are referred to as the Contributors. The poster may include, without limitation, any diagrams, photographs, other illustrative material, video, film and any other material howsoever submitted by the Contributor(s) at any time (the Poster).

In consideration of BMJ and IHI (the Publishers) considering whether to publish the Poster certain rights are granted to the Publishers as follows.


The licence

The Corresponding Author, on behalf of all the Contributors, hereby grants a worldwide, fully paid, non-exclusive licence to the Publishers and its licensees in perpetuity (subject to the reversion of rights set out below), in all forms, formats and media (whether known now or created in the future), to:

i) publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the Poster at the [International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare] and any Publisher’s website or on any other platform or media known now or created in the future;

ii) translate the Poster into other languages, create adaptations, reprints, include within collections and create summaries, extracts and/or, abstracts of the Poster and convert or allow conversion into any format including without limitation, audio;

iii) create any other derivative work(s) based in whole or part on the Poster;

iv) exploit all subsidiary rights that currently exist or as may exist in the future in the Poster;

v) include electronic links from the Poster to third party material wherever it may be located; and

vi) licence any third party to do any or all of the above.

If any Contributor’s employer owns the copyright to the Poster, the Contributor must obtain in writing, the relevant employer’s consent to grant the licence and agree to all obligations herein. The Corresponding Author hereby agrees that, in the event that BMJ sells the whole or part of its journal business to any third party, the benefit and the burden of the Licence contained herein may also be assigned to that third party.

The Contributor(s) acknowledge and accept that BMJ may make additional changes to the Poster as considered necessary in accordance with standard editorial processes whether before or after publication. Proofs of the final Poster will be sent to the Corresponding Author and every effort will be made to consult with the Corresponding Author if substantial alterations are made. BMJ may, in its absolute discretion, retract or publish a correction or other notice relating to the Poster if appropriate for legal or editorial reasons.


Reversion of rights

If the Poster is not published by the Publishers within 12 months of final acceptance (or as otherwise agreed in writing), any licence granted herein shall automatically terminate and all rights shall revert to the copyright owner. The Publishers (or a contractor on their behalf) may keep a copy of the Poster as a record.


Author warranties

The Contributor(s) warrant that:

i) they are the sole author(s) of the Poster which is an original work;

ii) the whole or a substantial part of the Poster has not previously been published;

iii) any third party content included within the Poster has had all permissions cleared by the Corresponding Author, which is fully consistent with the rights then granted to the Publishers herein;

iv) they or their employers are the copyright owners of the Poster;

v) to the best of their knowledge the Poster does not contain anything which is libellous, illegal or infringes any third party’s copyright or other rights;

vi) they have obtained all necessary written consents for any patient information which is supplied with the Poster; and

vii) they have declared or will accurately declare any competing interests to the Publishers.

Upon request from BMJ, the Corresponding Author shall supply evidence of any of the above.


Law and jurisdiction

To the fullest extent permitted by law, these terms will be governed by the laws of England and shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


Last updated June 2016