A3: Applied Health Intelligence for Improvement – Science & Art of using data

Thursday, 3rd May

Established healthcare systems routinely collect large datasets that are traditionally regarded as the realm of management. Chronic disease epidemic, ageing population, new technologies and resource pressures require new innovative intelligence to support evidence and value based medicine. In the first presentation you will hear how Scotland has utilised its rich data resources and developed tools for clinicians and managers to share their insights across the breadth of health and social care pathways. Those insights facilitate timely interventions and innovations around quality and variation.

Data representations that are overwhelmingly busy or too technical can also disable the dialog between presenter and audience – especially when used for oral presentations. Taking account of how the human brain processes visual information – given different “people styles at work” – the second presentation will help to effectively convey the message and facilitate dialog.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Actively influence the quality of their own routinely collected data to ensure they are fit for purpose for evidence based practice

  • Appreciate the use of applied data intelligence to deliver value and quality for their patients

  • Articulate their own data needs in order to take the next step to explore the use of applied data intelligence in their own clinical settings

  • Understand the core principals of how humans process visual information

  • Understand how a cognitive overload triggered by a “too busy” data representation reduces the probability that the audience understands the message to be conveyed (and how to avoid that)

  • Gain insight into the core principals of data representation in the context of different “people styles at work” with practical hands on exercises in Microsoft Excel

Doris A. Behrens, Interim Lead for Mathematical Modelling, ABCi, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
Mahmood Adil, Medical Director, Information Services Division, NHS National Services Scotland; Scotland
Joy Ngai, Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow, Information Services Division, NHS National Services Scotland; Scotland