B2: Social movement transforming emergency care from the bottom up

Thursday, 3rd May

The Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) and Acute Frailty (AFN) Networks are exciting models of emergency care sweeping across the UK. Widespread accelerated adoption has been achieved through innovative networks of clinicians, patients and managers creating a social movement for change. Over 100 hospitals have participated. The programmes have not been mandated but participating clinical teams have self-selected to take part and drive the change forward from the frontline; results are impressive.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of AEC and acute frailty and how adopting these models can streamline patient care, improving quality and efficiency

  • Understand the clinical models of AEC and acute frailty and how they can be applied to their own local systems

  • Develop processes to effectively: a) identify and select appropriate patients to be treated in an ambulatory emergency care environment b) implement processes to screen and identify frail patients

Deborah Thompson, Director – NHS Elect; UK