EN7: Translating the Evidence Base for Patient and Family Engaged Care into Practice

Thursday, 3rd May

The National Academy of Medicine convened healthcare researchers, professionals and patient/family leaders to collaborate on development of a Guiding Framework for Patient and Family Engaged Care. The multi-stakeholder process yielded a framework that takes a broad view through the inclusion of overlooked dimensions of workplace culture, environment, quality of human interactions, and other levers impacting healthcare culture, quality, experience and value.
The framework will be presented in a multi-country panel session, along with the evidence in support of its various elements.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify elements essential to the implementation of successful patient and family engagement strategies.

  • Learn how such strategies are applied in multicultural settings.

  • Leave with access to a proven framework that can be applied in their own organizations.

  • Understand how use of the Framework links to outcomes related to the Triple Aim.

Susan Frampton, President, Planetree International