X1: Experience Day 1: Bernhoven Hospital, Uden

Wednesday, 2nd May

Full-scale hospital transformation to high quality, appropriate and person centered care.

Bernhoven is a regional general hospital located in the south of the Netherlands. In 2013 the hospital moved to a new building in Uden, after a previous merger of two sites in 2000. Bernhoven provides 380 beds, about 140 physicians and 2250 employees, and has been twice elected as the most hospitable hospital in the Netherlands.

There is evidence indicating that more care is not always better (e.g. Gilbert Welch, 2015). This fact inspired the board and staff of Bernhoven to do things differently. Discussions in multiple strategic off-sites with board, medical staff and general practitioners lead to over 100 initiatives with the potential for better care and lower costs. Multi-year agreements with health insurance companies enabled Bernhoven to prove the concept of meaningful care and a new patient-focused operating model was introduced with four different care-delivering business units.

During the experience day you will learn the conditions which are necessary to create a disruptive change and how a new patient focused operating model can provide better and affordable care. Staff and management provide information on how we started our journey, and how we made the first part of our transition a success. We will also demonstrate examples of initiatives that were implemented and the results of these projects on quality and costs.

During the experience day you will learn:

  • What conditions are necessary to create a disruptive change in hospital care

  • How a new patient focused operating model can be helpful in providing better and more affordable care

  • How patient centered care and shared decision making is helpful in reducing the cost of hospital care

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