E3: Quality Improvement at national level – two Scandinavian models for better health

Friday, 4th May

In this session you will follow two strategies which have set the direction for quality improvement at national level.

In the first presentation you will learn how a national quality improvement tool based on selected quality indicators was developed in Sweden, and examine how Uppsala Region has improved quality based on these chosen indicators. In the second presentation you will hear how Norway designed a pathway for older patients and those with long term conditions, which resulted in improvement in quality across municipalities. Collaboration between hospitals and municipalities, and the importance of asking the patient ‘what matters to you?’ will also be discussed.

After this session you will:

  • Understand the strategies our two countries have designed for better Quality in healthcare to elderly and long term conditions

  • Learn how national strategies can be followed up by local Quality Improvement

  • Understand the set of quality indicators chosen to improve healthcare for this group in Sweden

  • Understand the design of regional learning collaboratives for better pathways in long term conditions and older patients in Norway

Anders Vege, Head of section for Quality Improvement, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Norway
Stina Arvidsson Gäre, Region Uppsala; Sweden
Robert S Kristiansson, Chief Medical Officer, Hoh, Region Uppsala Sweden; Sweden
Ulrika Elmroth, Project Manager, SALAR; Sweden