BR1: Partners in Population Health and Innovation

Friday, 4th May

Sponsored by School for the Science of Health Care Delivery, Arizona State University

International Forum Sponsor ASU Science Health Care

Traditional training models for health care professionals, both pre and post-professional, do not typically integrate the science of how health care is delivered. Systems thinking, innovation,
partnering with health care systems and transdisciplinary approaches are imperative in order to create change in health care. This presentation highlights the Science of Health Care Delivery best practices for integrating its innovation curricula into the spectrum of health care. Furthermore, it will provide attendees with some practical examples of how to implement these strategies into their clinical and academic environments.

After this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the gaps in traditional healthcare training programs and describe examples of current innovative curricula

  • Describe the best practices for implementing system thinking and innovation (The Science of Health Care Delivery) into the continuum of health care training programs

  • Develop a model curricula along with logistical strategies that can be integrated into health care systems and training programs around the globe

William Riley, Professor, School for the Science of Health Care Delivery, College of Health Solutions, ASU; USA
Kristen Will, Director, Health Solutions Executive Education, Clinical Assistant, Professor, Science of Health Care Delivery, College of Health, Solutions, ASU; USA
Kimberly M. Hutchins, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships Arizona State University; USA