F8: The Participation Clinic: how nurses and caretakers can develop leadership and professionalism by looking through the eyes of the patient

Friday, 4th May

For excellent care in all phases of life, professionalism and leadership within nursing is crucial. In this presentation Sonja Kersten will talk about how V&VN stimulates the development of leadership and professionalism through training nurses and caretakers in the Participation Clinic. In this temporary nursing home, care professionals experience what it is like to be dependent on care through a number of simulations and then reflect upon their experiences. They are encouraged to share these stories and make plans for a different and better approach based on the insights they have received. These activities are part of a movement by professionals working in long term care that encourages pride,professionalism and leadership, and one that recognises making small changes to the way care is delivered can have a big impact on the patient’s experience. You will hear from staff who have taken part in the process over the last year and how it has changed their practice. At the end, the audience is encouraged to reflect on how would they change the care they provide if they lived a day in the life of one of their patients.

Arjella van Scheppingen, Principal Researcher, Verpleegkundigen & Verzorgenden Nederland; The Netherlands