Anette Nilsson

Development Strategist, Region Jönköping, Qulturum; Sweden

Anette Nilsson works as a development strategist in Region Jönköping County.  She has broad experience from working at Qulturum for many years with improvement, leadership and coaching
nationally and internationally. She has been a fellow at IHI and worked as project manager for a national leadership program in an agreement between the government and SALAR (Swedish Association of local
Authorities and Regions) for better life for elderly people. She is also the founder of project “Passion for life” which won the EU innovation price in 2014 in active ageing. She has experience from being a SAB
member in BMJ working with the national Forum 2016 in Gothenburg. Now her focus is development strategies with focus on how to support movement from hospital care to primary care and empower people to take responsibility for a healthy life. Networks, world-wide efforts and innovations are her source of inspiration.