A2: Malaysian Healthcare Quality Journey

Friday, 25th August

The attainment of systems quality in healthcare is a moving target – it is a journey without end. In this session, three speakers from Malaysia will share on how Malaysia has developed and improved the quality of healthcare throughout the country for the past 32 years from individual Quality Assurance Programme to specific national program like Malaysian Patient Safety Goals. Malaysia will also share how Public and Private collaboration has managed to improve the quality of healthcare through national accreditation system.

After this session you will be able:

  • To develop systems of healthcare quality in a country, using Malaysia as an example.

  • To implement a positive Public-Private partnership for improving quality of healthcare through accreditation system.

  • To develop a national benchmarking system on Patient Safety.Speakers:

  • Quality Initiatives In Malaysia- The Evolution & Approach
    Dato’ Dr Hj. Azman Abu Bakar, Consultant Public Health Physician, Director of Medical Development Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia

  • Public-private Sector Partnership
    Tan Sri Siti Sa’diah Sheikh Bakir, President of Malaysian Society for Quality In Healthcare (MSWH); Malaysia

  • Malaysian Patient Safety Goals – National Benchmarking System on Patient Safety
    Nor’Aishah Abu Bakar, Senior Public Health Physician, Head of Patient Safety Programme, Ministry of Health Malaysia