A5: How can we use technology to reach patients in the community?

Thursday, 3rd May

A lot of great community based care relies on patients living within a reasonable distance of the facilities that are able to provide that care. But what happens when you have a population that is not only isolated geographically, but also faces barriers such as language, education and cultural difference? In this session we will look how technology is being used in a range of low income countries to reach into communities who were previously isolated from professional care. You will hear how mobile technology can greatly enhance the distribution of accurate, reliable and up to date information for expectant mothers, how mobile-based training can help community healthcare workers improve their quality of care, and how using mobile phone based diagnostic tools can transform efficiency and resource management, especially in low-income settings. There will also be time to reflect on the challenges that are still faced in these areas, as well as how you can transfer the learning into your own practice.

Peter Waiganjo, Business Development Lead, Amref Enterprises; Kenya
Sara Chamberlain, Digital Director, BBC Media Action; India
Nigel Bolster, Evidence Lead, Peek Vision; UK