X7: Groene Hart Ziekenhuis (Green Heart Hospital): Patient centered and integrated care in Gouda

Wednesday, 2nd May

Patient centered and integrated care in Gouda 

The Green Heart Hospital (500 beds) is the only hospital in the Gouda area of 300.000 inhabitants. The hospital is very dedicated to the area and to patient centered healthcare. It provides top clinic care in collaboration with the surrounding big hospitals. The hospital works intensively together with the primary care and participates in the Transmural Network. The Transmural Network is a joint venture of the care providers in the Gouda area. The objective is to realise demand oriented integrated health care, as closely to home as possible in a way that suits the needs of the patient best. The network works together with patient organisations, health care insurance companies and community councils.

Your visit to Gouda will take you to the Green Heart Hospital where you will learn about the hospital wide quality improvement programme ‘Patient as Partner’, based on clinical microsystem thinking. You will visit the hotel-like centre of integrated birth care where midwives and gynaecologists work together, and look at an example of case management through all stages of dementia. You’ll get the chance to have an experience taste meal like the patients and their visitors, and in the afternoon you’re invited to visit a care farm near the hospital.

During the experience day you will learn:

  • How the staff of Green Heart Hospital are lining up for quality improvement through both thinking and doing.

  • How we’re developing patient centered care, including food, by partnering with patients and integrating care.

  • How care farms can be considered as community-based services that improve the quality of life of clients with special needs.

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