M2: Continuous Learning in Healthcare Delivery in The Netherlands: Regional oncology networks, outcome data and active learning at the clinical and organizational level

Wednesday, 2nd May

This pre-day program provides an overview of main approaches for improvement and learning in healthcare delivery in The Netherlands. It’s about healthcare delivery via regional networks, national collaboration of clinicians and hospitals and the clinical work in oncology. We will share an in depth view in considerations for the Dutch approach and a dialogue about it with the international audience.

The program includes key-note introductions of leading clinicians, both MDs and RNs, and interactive working sessions around tumor-specific delivery models i.e. for head and neck and colorectal tumors. It will provide healthcare professionals and others interested in collaboration in delivery and improvement with inspiration, good examples and insight in pitfalls.

Be part of a vivid program about creating and organizing good cancer health care delivery in The Netherlands and collect an artist’s impression of our session afterwards.

This session will be presented by the NFU-consortium Quality of Care  (the collaborative on QI of the eight university medical centres of The Netherlands), the NFU-program To Oncology Networks and V&VN (the organization of professional nurses).

Download the programme.