C1: Senior Alert Risk Assessment

Friday, 25th August

Health problems affecting older people are complex and many areas of health need to be addressed.Senior Alert is a national quality registry for evaluating the preventive care process in the areas of malnutrition, falls, pressure ulcers and oral health. The registry emphasizes a team-oriented and preventive approach to health care delivery. Improvement in the preventive care process has been demonstrated in Sweden, especially through process measures such as systematic risk assessment and the development of care plans for the elderly at risk. However, the risk assessments that are used in the registry are not the assessments that predict causes best. By using data from Senior alert together with data from sensors in an open lab and in the older person’s home, we can predict falls, malnutrition and pressure ulcers and make more sensible risk assessments.

In this session, delegates will learn:

  • How a senior alert system is a key concept for tomorrow’s elderly who are searching for improved safety and quality of life

  • How Risk assessment, preventive actions and outcomes are registered in the clinical register to increase learning for both the individual and the professionals.

  • How a cluster of indicators create a whole view of the elderly

Göran Henriks, Chair Emeritus, International Forum Programme Advisory Committee and Chief Executive of Learning and Innovation, Jönköping County Council; Sweden