B5: How Innovation Can Bring Real Solutions to Intractable Problems in Healthcare Delivery

Thursday, 3rd May

In this session you will learn about how innovation can address the challenges you, your patients and health workers face every day in your health care system.  We will explore different approaches to defining problems and sourcing innovations from within and outside your own system and even outside your own country.  But an innovation is only useful if it addresses your health system’s needs.  We will explore how to test an innovations’ adaptability to your environment and, if there is a fit, how to scale it up to reach more people.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Keep the needs of patients and health workers in the center of the innovation process

  • Understand how to test and scale-up innovations in their own system

  • Develop a plan to source, test and scale-up innovations in their own health system

Melissa Knihtila, Project Manager, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; USA

Felix Kreier, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Pediatrician, board member of the Dutch CMIO society; Netherlands

Fenna Heyning, MD, PhD, Director STZ, Internist; Netherlands