B7: Designing and Managing Community-Based Scale-up Efforts

Thursday, 3rd May

Why is scale up so hard? In this session you will learn from the experience of three large scale systems working to create the conditions that will produce results at scale. Collaborating across multiple agencies and professional groups, you will hear how improvement methods are being applied to three different contexts, exploring common methods and tools applied for progress towards results at scale.

After this session you will:

  • Understand key principles that support planning and implementation for scale

  • Identify tools and methods to help plan and execute delivery

  • Consider the benefits of multi-professional collaboration to achieve community based improvement

Anette Nilsson, Development Strategist, Region Jönköping, Qulturum
Tina Lynge, Program Director, Senior Consultant, Danish Society for Patient Safety
Susan Hannah, Head of Improvement Programme – Children and Young People, Collaborative Scottish Government