A6: Creative problem solving: how design can help

Thursday 28 March

An introduction to design methodologies, principles and tools that can be applied to gnarly and intractable problems in the health service. We will present real case studies where the Design Council’s ‘Double Diamond’ and Damien Newman’s ‘Design Squiggle’ frameworks have been successfully applied. Practical demonstrations of design tools will be given including: developing persona, identifying touch-points, testing assumptions, prototyping, and release planning. Through group working and interactive presentations we aim to encourage participants to apply these methodologies, principles and tools to their day to day challenges in healthcare.

After this session, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the principles of a design-led approach to service development.
2. Be confident in applying these methodologies, principles and tools in their own setting.
3. Have a practical set of tools and resources available to immediately deploy.

Chris Howroyd, Director of Service Development, SH:24; UK
Mollie Courtenay, Service Designer specialising in healthcare; UK