D1: Leadership Behaviors that Change Culture

Friday 29 March
11:00 – 12:15  

Culture reflects the values of an organisation. Those values are reinforced by the behaviors of the leadership of the organisation and the behaviors that are allowed. The culture an organisation is reflected in the behaviors that are allowed. In a learning organisation, a movement between routine and reflection always takes place. Increasing demands and the pace of change means that leaders must not only inspire to both adaptive and development learning and new capabilities, but actively coach capacity for exercising resilience.

Participants will examine the behavior necessary to support a culture of safety for every level of leadership in an organisation. We will examine the application of the principles that are foundational to culture change and sustainability.

After this session, participants will be able to:

1. Discuss how values are exhibited by the behaviors of leaders at every level of an organisation
2. Identify the behaviors that are necessary to impact culture
3. Develop a plan to address gaps identified in their self-assessment

Amelia Brooks, Senior Director for Patient Safety Europe, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI); USA
Frank Federico, Vice President Senior Safety Expert, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI); USA
Göran Henriks, Chief Executive of Learning & Innovation, Jönköping County Council; Sweden