EN3: Unlocking the Challenges to Patient Safety through Digitization

Thursday 28 March

Are we achieving patient-centred care in this digital era? In this session you will hear how healthcare systems in Saudi Arabia are working to embrace technology as a means to provide improved healthcare and redesigning processes to ensure that patient-centredness is achieved. The organization’s digital strategy should focus and invest in fostering a robust digital culture that ensures compliance to patient safety standards. Access to care, effectiveness, efficiency, medication safety are few of the many examples that would be enabled by automation, and digitization should serve as the neural system for safe patient care

After this session, participants will:

1. Understand and appreciate digital revolution in healthcare
2. Learn how to craft a digital vision for patient care
3. Be able to adopt and develop integrated care through seamless transfer of clinical information

Bandar Al Knawy, Chief Executive Officer of Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA) and President of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences; Saudi Arabia