M9: “What matters to you” – 6 countries’ experience toward deployment in your system

Wednesday 27 March

An interactive session sharing the story of the rapidly growing ‘What matters to you?’ (#WMTY) movement. This approach has become an international movement for improvement with thousands of participants around the world creating significant change in individual lives and playing an important role in re-orientating the work of health and social care systems. Participants will spend time reflecting on this powerful approach, on their own experience, and applying learning from #WMTY movement to their work.

After this session, participants will be able to:

1. Understand why “WMTY” is such a powerful re-orientating approach, and gain practical experience of tools and methods to help listen in new ways and link to powerful examples of impact.
2 .Develop next steps for testing and implementing the WMTY approach in their own work context as a result reflecting on the shared learning from the WMTY movement to-date.
3. Identify key factors that have allowed the WMTY movement grow and flourish internationally, including how the WMTY approach has created fundamental change in health services and differences emerging between countries/cultures

Shaun Maher, National Clinical Lead for Person-Centred Care, The Scottish Government, Health and Wellbeing Directorates; Scotland
Anders Vege, Head of Section for Quality Improvement, Norwegian Institute of Public Health