Arja Leppänen

Arja Leppänen, Regional Expert in Cancer Care Equality; Sweden

Regional Expert in Cancer Care Equality; Sweden

Arja Leppänen, MSc and MBA, works at the Regional Cancercentre Stockholm as Process Manager for Cancer care equity. She is a breast cancer survivor, and patient advocate for numerous organisations. She has served on advisory boards at the European Medicines Agency and the Swedish Medicinal Products Agency among others. She is one the founders of the Swedish Network Against Cancer, former President of the Swedish Cancer Caregivers Foundation, and 2020 she was honoured “Cancernetworker of the year”.

She was Project Manager for the European Commission projects ‘Promoting new measures for the protection of women workers with oncological conditions’ and ‘Economical and social burden of cancer’. She is the initiator to form and create the Peer Advisors way of informing the multicultural population about cancer-prevention.