The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is one of the world’s largest conferences for healthcare professionals committed to improving patient care and safety. In March 2019 we traveled to Glasgow, Scotland (SEC Centre) and welcomed our biggest audience to date – over 3,400 attendees from 70 countries. We provided an inspirational setting to meet, learn and share knowledge in our common mission to improve the quality and safety of care for patients and communities across the world.

In April 2020 we are taking the International Forum to Copenhagen, Denmark, where we will also celebrate 25 years of the International Forum. 

The conference programme

Our conference theme in Copenhagen is Breaking Down Barriers. Inspired by the Danish approach to culture, we will consider how we can break down the barriers that often get in the way of creating lasting change.

During three days, we offer over 80 inspirational sessions from 18 countries that you can choose from, with even more activities still to be announced. Read more about the theme and how to navigate the programme.

Around 70% of our programme in Copenhagen is made up of work that has not been presented at an International Forum before. This includes updates from some of the biggest quality improvement initiatives from across the globe.

Attending Copenhagen 2020

This year we celebrate 25 years of the very first International Forum. We have seen a powerful shift in the movement of quality improvement since then, with more people and more healthcare systems recognising the need for action and actively getting involved in the establishment and spread of best practices.

The International Forum is a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and discussing the solutions to common challenges. We are looking forward to taking the International Forum to Denmark and continuing to connect international attendees who are passionate about improving patient care.

Experience Days Copenhagen 2020

We have nine Experience Days that take place at local healthcare and other organisations across Denmark on Tuesday, 28 April. These are always very popular as they are a unique opportunity to see inspirational quality and safety initiatives in action.

See first hand how organisations across Denmark are improving care for patients, or how they integrate quality improvement in their business, by signing up today to one of our Experience Days.

Highlights from Glasgow 2019

In March 2019, over 3,400 healthcare improvers gathered in Glasgow to connect and to celebrate their achievements and their vision for improving healthcare across the world. Themed People Make Change, the conference focused on learning how to involve, inspire and innovate across borders and organisations.

You can now listen to the podcasts from Glasgow and read the blogs from the conference.

International Forum Sydney 2020, 30 September - 2 October 2020

In September 2020, the International Forum will travel to Sydney, Australia. 

The International Forum in the Asia Pacific Region showcases internationally recognised keynotes and addresses regional needs, bringing the best of international learning to the region.